Special Orders

Greetings! We accept special orders, kindly email your requirement at hello@lulupu.com 

Looking for products listed on the wesbite showing Out of Stock? How about products you desire and not able to find anywhere? As a leading online Craft Store we strive to bring you the best and the latest from the Scrapbooking and Craft Industry. With more than 40 International brands that we work with we can mostly get you items in your wish list.

How To Place Pre order
1. Crete a list of Product name, Brand and Quantity you would like to purchase
2. Mark them "from store" if these are listed but not in stock would like to purchase
3. Email us your list at hello@lulupu.com with Subject as "Pre-order Request"
4. Pre-order will be confirmed only when full payment is made in advance.
5. It can take upto 15-25 days post advance payment confirmation to receive your order but we will try to ensure we get them quicker!
6. Pre- orders are open until 20th of every month for receiving them in the next month